Retainers are the final part of your orthodontic treatment. Your retainer(s) hold the teeth in their final position so they don't move back towards their old position. They are removable and are made of either hard acrylic with wires or a clear more pliable plastic. Some retainers are permanently attached to the back side of the lower front teeth (bonded retainer). Some retainers not only maintain the position of your teeth, but also act as a guard to protect the teeth from wearing if you grind or clench during sleep.

  • We will tell you how many hours per day to wear your retainer. Until we tell you to reduce your retainer wear time it is very important that you wear them exactly as instructed.
  • When the retainers are not in your mouth please store them in the protective case that we provide for you.
  • Keep them away from any pets. Dogs like to chew retainers into little pieces!
  • Retainers are heat sensitive so do not use hot water to clean them. Do not use the dishwasher or boiled water. It will distort them and they will no longer fit.
  • Use toothpaste and cool water to brush your retainers.
  • Do not leave them lying around wrapped in tissue. They could be stepped on or thrown in the garbage, especially in restaurants.
  • Please bring your retainers to every appointment. We need to check the fit and see if any adjustments are necessary.
  • Your retainers will not be lost or broken when taken proper care of. Remember, they are expensive to replace.
  • Your face will continue to change throughout your life, therefore we encourage our patients to continue wearing their retainers indefinitely to maintain their smile.
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