Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) corrects abnormalities of the facial bones and jaws, which often cause difficulty with chewing, talking, sleeping, and other routine activities. Orthognathic surgery corrects these problems and improves the overall appearance of your facial profile. Typically, you wear braces for about 18 months, with the surgery performed about a year into treatment. We will work with any oral surgeon you wish, and will refer you to one if needed.

Jaw problems are corrected in growing children with orthopedic (growth-modifying) appliances. However, since adult jaws are finished growing, the same problem for an adult may require jaw surgery. For example, if an adult's lower jaw is too short to properly fit the upper jaw, braces can straighten the teeth but cannot correct the bite without surgery to move the lower jaw forward. Other jaw-width and jaw-length discrepancies also require surgery if tooth movement alone cannot correct the bite.

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